Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I really hate Wes Anderson

From James Wolcott's blog: "When I was watching Wes Anderson's beyond-precious and unjustifiably proud-of-itself The Life Aquatic, there was a scene where a three-legged dog is whimpering on deck and Jeff Goldblum, playing the suave villain, asks Bill Murray the dog's name. Murray tells him and (off camera) we hear a loud smack as Goldblum hits the dog to stop its whimpering. I can't recall if Murray changed expression or not, since that wasn't a high priority for him here. The minor cruelty doled out to an animal for a cheap laugh was compounded when the dog was left behind at the end splashing in the water as the cast of overpaid actors vying to outhip each other departs."

Wolcott puts it better than I could. Jason Schwartzmann gave Rushmore some real passion, and the film deserved the praise it got, but my jaw clenched while watching The Royal Tenenbaums. Not only was I both bored and irritated, Anjelica Huston looked bored and irritated, the usually ill-used Danny Glover looked bored and irritated, Gwyneth Paltrow looked bored and irritated (though that may just be Gwyneth)...only Gene Hackman didn't seem to be saying, "Dig how adorable I am in my ineffectuality." I know that Wes Anderson has already anticipated my belligerent response to his WASP privilege (check out the bowtie) by his irony, but that just makes me hate him more. Which, of course, lets him come out on top!

Would the aimless but amusing banter of his films be possible without the equally problematic Quentin Tarantino, who similarly dares you to disdain his shallowness? I saw Pulp Fiction on a college campus, surrounded by undergraduates (I was about 34 at the time), and I might have been the only person in the theater not to laugh when Marvin (the nigger, in case you've forgotten) gets his brains blown out! This gives Quentin the opportunity to appear in his own film and try to say the word "nigger" in good conscience, though he's so sweaty and uncomfortable doing it that ofay college students were not moved to emulate him, as far as I know. I realize that, having admitted that I was not enchanted by Pulp Fiction, I will never considered cool, but that's what his film is for: to separate the cool from the uncool (cf. this). What I'm getting at is that Wes Anderson is sort of the upper-class Tarantino, complex in an infuriatingly shallow if not selfish way, and deliberate in his provocation, which is intended to make you lose your cool and leave him on top.

Friday, March 09, 2007

NAnt's Filtered Trigger

I have to say that I found the documentation on this feature somewhat baffling, but that might just be me. We use Subversion here, and I'd like the build not to run if the only files committed since the last build are the ones that the last build created, e.g. the version.txt file, the generated CommonAssemblyInfo.cs into which the incremented build number is written, the backups of CruiseControl.NET's various .config and .xsl files, etc. Feel free to write me if my example doesn't help you out. The problem that cost me close to a day is that relative paths within the block don't seem to be resolved as I expected. See my comments...

<project name="Our Project 3.0">

<workingDirectory>E:\Builds\Our Project 3.0</workingDirectory>
<artifactDirectory>E:\Builds\Our Project 3.0\artifacts</artifactDirectory>
CruiseControl.NET doesn't handle spaces in paths consistently, so let's
keep ourselves out of trouble.

<!-- Check every 10 minutes. -->
<intervalTrigger seconds="600" />

<sourcecontrol type="filtered">
<sourceControlProvider type="svn">
<workingDirectory>E:\Builds\Our Project 3.0</workingDirectory>
<!-- Note that this is the full pathname, and apparently has to be. -->
<pattern>/trunk/Our Project/**/*.*</pattern>
<!-- Changes to these files should *not* cause a new build. -->
<pattern>/trunk/Our Project/version.txt</pattern>
<!-- These are serialization assemblies generated during the build process,
using xsd.exe.
<pattern>/trunk/Our Project/Serialization/Bin/*.dll</pattern>
<!-- The build number is boosted by a NAnt task. -->
<pattern>/trunk/Omega LP/Applications/CommonAssemblyInfo.cs</pattern>
<pattern>/trunk/Our Project/Build/**/*</pattern>
<!-- And so on... -->