Tuesday, September 05, 2006

xUnit for Scheme LISP

After a bit of pain, caused by my trying to install the SchemeUnit 2.0 download available on SourceForge, I managed to locate the 3.0 download here. I'm a novice when it comes to LISP, and to DrScheme, so the sparse installation instructions were inadequate for me. After some trial and error, which included messing up my DrScheme installation enough that I had to reinstall it, I found the happy path. First, I downloaded the .plt file and saved it an arbitary location (Firefox insists on showing the contents of the file as text, which is not what you want; I had to resort to IE).

Noel Welsh, the author of SchemeUnit, has dropped hints about how to install the .plt using planet, but my only goal is to learn a little more about LISP, and I don't want to be distracted by another utility. Noel's also turned out to be slightly inconsistent with the original documentation, as we'll see. In any case, Dr. Scheme's File menu has an Install .plt File... option, which seemed like the right method, so I clicked it and saw the dialog on the right. Which path to pick? After some trial and error, including a reinstallation of DrScheme, I noticed another dialog that had been concealed by the file selector. It turns out that I needed to navigate to C:\Program Files\PLT\collects, and make a new directory called schematics, after which I'd click OK and be happy forever. Oops! When I typed (require (lib "test.ss" "schemeunit")) at the DrScheme console, as SchemeUnit's Quick Start page says, it responded, "collection not found: "schemeunit" in any of [the paths displayed below]." D'oh! So, just to be one the safe side, I reinstalled DrScheme again, then followed the same steps as before to install the .plt file, but this time created a schemeunit directory within my PLT installation. It works! Now I actually have to write some LISP.

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